World J Gastroenterology 2007, 13(5):748-753

World J Gastroenterology 2007, 13(5):748-753

Chios mastic treatment of patients with active Crohn’s disease.


Andriana C. Kaliora, Maria G Stathopoulou, John K Triantafillidis, G Dedousis, N.K. Andrikopoylos

Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Department of Science of Dietetics-Nutrition, Harokopio University, Kalithea, Athens, Greece.

Department of Gastroenterology, Saint Panteleimon General State Hospital, Nicea, Athens, Greece.



To evaluate the effectiveness of mastic administration on the clinical course and plasma inflammatory mediators of patients with active Crohn’s disease (CD). The pilot study was conducted in patients with established mild to moderately active CD, attending the outpatient clinics of the hospital, and in healthy controls. Ten patients and 8 controls were recruited for a 4-wk treatment with mastic caps. All patients successfully completed the protocol. The results suggests that significantly decreased the activity index and the plasma levels of IL-6 and CRP in patients with mildly to moderately active CD. Further double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in a large number of patients are required to clarify the role of this natural product in the treatment of patients with CD.